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Get To Know: Kemissara

Lulu Be Mine

Posted on May 15 2018

Armed with a degree from the London College of Fashion, Thai designer Kem Issara of the Issara real estate family has an experience list that includes design house Royalty - from Parisian design house Chloe, to the unmistakable Diane von Furstenburg empire. Her designs have been seen coveted by the likes of NY social influencer Margaret Zhang as well as the crème de la crème of the Bangkok “Hi-So” society.

Specialising in textile during her college days, Kem has, in the few years since her debut, become known to create magic with her pleated designs. And it is evident with her Aquatic Dreams collection - new techniques have been employed, where textured pleats are delicately employed with an air of lightness and simplicity. This time though, her classic pleats have taken on an evolved aesthetic. One with an intensity and drama we didn’t know we were longing for, heralding a new spirit of the Kemissara brand - a mesmerising, next-level take on pleating.

Our favourite would be the sheer nude silk tops with purposefully torn gathered pleats placed in a manner that is “growing” all over the shoulders in the shades of beautiful deep blue ocean hues inspired by the marine flora and the sea floor. Kemissara has taken the timeless feminine of her early days - the career woman who enjoys going out with friends and introduced us to the mermaid we long to be, one who swims to the beat of her ocean.

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